Taiwan’s answer to OHUI : Mellobiotech




You have to hand it to the Taiwanese when it comes to high concentration of active ingredients = affordable price. Mello Biotech is Taiwan’s answer to Korea’s OHUI. They both focus on both stem cells,  cell cultures, etc except that the pricing is not that high-end compared to OHUI. They have a commercial line and also a professional line.


Their star ingredient here is the patented sh-DNA (mirTyro™), the world’s first microRNA based cosmetic ingredient. Not to mention, this ingredient will appear as the most concentrated ingredient in most of their products ( therefore it will be listed as the 1st ingredient on their ingredient lists ).


For example :


Credit : Here





  • sh-DNA ( mirTyro )

It utilizes a natural cellular mechanism (RNAi) to decrease melanin production by interrupting tyrosinase synthesis.


  • sh-DNA ( mirHA )

It utilizes a natural cellular mechanism (RNAi) to inhibit hyaluronidase synthesis, decrease the degradation of sodium Hyaluronate, and prevent from losing more sodium Hyaluronate, to achieve effects such as fine lines minimizing and moisturize skin.



To read more about the brand, scientific publications, and to understand the whole concept of microRNA used in their cosmetics, head over to their sites :


The professional site : here

The commercial site : here


They have also recently released a new line called the Mello Biotech Serenity HA line ( photo above ). Check out the new line : here ( only in Chinese at the moment ! ) So for those of you heading to Taiwan, check out this line!



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  1. what people like is the image and the design that OHUI has built for years [as I’m a designer] so whatever the others do, they can not take OHUI’s fans [I’m among those]

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