mamonde releases aqua fresh line

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As major labels release their hydration line for the Summer, Amore Pacific’s Mamonde 마몽드 follows suit with the MAMONDE Aqua Fresh Moisture Line 아쿠아프레시 라인.

The line contains the Persian Lilac extract which has pharmacological properties.It can help heal skin wounds faster and generally calms irritated skin areas. Using Amore Pacific’s unique encapsulation technology ensures deep penetration of active products deep into the skin to help improve skin’s elasticity and rejuvenates tired skin.


The hydration line consits of :



1) MAMONDE Aqua Fresh Moisture Line Cleansing Foam 수딩 클렌징폼 – 100ml / 14,000 wons


2) MAMONDE Aqua Fresh Moisture Line Emulsion 스킨에멀젼 – 100ml / 20,000 wons


3) MAMONDE Aqua Fresh Moisture Line Soothing Pack 수딩팩 – 100ml / 22,000 wons


4) MAMONDE Aqua Fresh Moisture Line Essence Gel 에센스젤– 50ml / 25,000 wons


5) MAMONDE Aqua Fresh Moisture Line Essence 아이에센스젤 – 30ml / 28,000 wons



No cream-base formulation is used in this line to provide a light weight, fresh feeling.



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