Llang pushes out whitening line




KGC ( Korean Ginseng Company ) ‘s first foray into the oriental medicine skincare, LLang, will be also pushing out their whitening line for spring/summer. Meet the LLang Moist Brightening line 랑 진세노:명.


Using ginsenosides ( the patented Ginseng Vitamin ) helps in melanin production control and brightens the skin giving you skin, clear, glowing skin. Also contains Vitamin C and polyphenols extracted from citrus that can penetrate deep into the skin to help you achieve transparent healthy skin glow. This line is also the first Korean oriental medicine brand to incorporate Ginseng with Vitamin C.


The line will consist of :

1. LLang Moist Brightening Toner

2. LLang Moist Brightening Serum

3. LLang Moist Brightening Cream

4. LLang Moist Brightening Foaming Cleanser

5. LLang Moist Brightening Ampoule Program

6. LLang Moist Brightening Whitening Sheet Mask



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