LizK introduces new hydrating cream



Liz K, a brand from Korean Celebrity Make-up Artist, Kim Chung Kyung, will be introducing a new skincare products : the LizK Ultra Waterfall Cream.




This cream is part of the 4-step flawkess skin LizK series.


Step 1 : LizK Serum Spray

Step 2 : Liz K Hydramax Cream / Liz K Ultra Waterfall Cream

Step 3 : LizK UV Protection Color Veil

Step 4 : LizK Lip Gloss


The Liz K Ultra Waterfall Cream is a hydrating cream with a smooth pudding texture that wraps the skin and keeps it moist. Not only that it hydrates the skin, but it contains anti-wrinkle and whitening properties. Using ingredients that are similar to the skin’s water barrier and using a perfect balance of Water to Oil structure to minimize water loss and evaporation from the skin, the LizK Ultra Waterfall Cream will also use UNESCO Celtic Water which is rich in minerals and vitamins, the patented Moist 24 which contains ingredients derived from tropical plants, and last but not least, Vitamin B Complex which contains brightening and anti-pigmentation properties.


The product will be available on ( other products are already available there )

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