Lirikos upgrades pore serum


Amore Pacific’s marine skincare Lirikos will be upgrading their pore care product and will be renaming it the Lirikos Marine Spot Pore Gel 마린 스팟 포어 젤


As you know, pore problems and pore solution products are going to be plentiful on summer – so this Lirikos Pore Gel aims to prevent excess oil, remove dead skin cells, as well as tightens up the pores. Using a special type of polymer and marine plankton extracts which contains keratin degrading bacteria that can be stuck in pores. Upon application, it will give a soothing effect. Provides high moisture to the skin to avoid skin irritation and avoids an oil-spill look on your skin!


Will be sold for 20ml / 35,000 wons!

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