And the cushion BB trend continues with Lirikos




Looks like the BB Cushion isn’t stopping at HERA. After Amore Pacific released it on IOPE, then LANEIGE , and recently HERA – now Amore Pacific’s LA MER inspired – Lirikos will also have their own version called the Lirikos Marine UV Water Cushion 리리코스마린UV 워터쿠션.




Lirikos just released their version of the HERA UV MIST , which is a swirl BB Cream, last week, and now it will release the cushion BB Cream! It will retail for 30g / 45,000 wons. HERA’s version had superb sales and was sold out everywhere! However unlike the 5 shades available with HERA, the Lirikos version will only have 2 shades ( 1 – Bright Beige , 2 – Natural Beige ).


Just like the Lirikos Marine Watervolume Sunbalm ( the swirl BB Cream ), the Lirikos Marine UV Water Cushion will feature Lirikos’s star product, the Lirikos Hydro Marine Ampoule, which promises up to 24 hours intensive hydration. In addition, it is sweat and water proof.


Will the Lirikos version sell out ? Will it be as popular as HERA?  I bet it’s going to be similar because this technology belongs only to Amore Pacific at the moment. However, the shades are different from those of HERA. Even the Shade 21 of both brands are different with Lirikos being a little darker. Hopefully we will get cheaper versions via the cheaper Amore brands like Mamonde or Etude House or Innisfree, so those who don’t have the budget for Laneige, IOPE, HERA or Lirikos can try the cushion BB!



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  1. i think this is a little pinkish. amore bbs are usually leaning towards pinkish. but i think their shade 23 is more yellowish! try search it on naver, youll find lots of swatches

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