After 65 years, the rebirth of LG’s first ever face cream–Lucky Cream




After 65 years, LG will be resurrecting the first ever LG Cream from the dead, called the Lucky Cream 럭키크림.


LG today is known as an electronic manufacturer, and it’s tagline Life’s Good ( LG), but many doesn’t know that it was initially named as Lucky Goldstar. LG was actually Korea’s first chemical company and the first Korean company to enter the plastics industry. Found in 1947, Lucky Goldstar started out selling face creams with the production of the ‘Lucky Cream’ and then gradually advanced into the plastic industry. Their advancement into the plastic industry was also due to their ‘Lucky Cream’ as problems occurred with the caps for the cream jars. LG proceeded to start making his own caps and containers – and boom! , LG became Korea’s first mass producer of plastic goods.


From Chosun :

The first product Lucky Chemical Industrial produced in 1947 was Lucky Cream. It came in a brown container bearing the image of the Hollywood starlet Deanna Durbin and boasted such a sophisticated design that many people mistakenly thought it was imported from Shanghai. In 1951, the company entered the plastics business to make cosmetics containers and succeeded in developing less brittle kind of lid for them. The company ushered in the plastic age in Korea, introducing plastic combs, soap cases, toothbrushes and tableware. In 1954, it made Korea��s first toothpaste brand, Lucky Toothpaste, and three years later, in 1957, it beat the U.S. brand Colgate to top the market here.




So now – introducing the NEW rebirth Lucky Cream – after 65 years, the new Lucky Cream will be reborn as a moisturizing nourishing cream which will be composed of ingredients that is similar to the natural skin barrier such as ceramides. It also contains hyaluronic acid to deeply moisturize the skin.


After 65 years, this cream has indeed proved to be LG’s lucky cream. Today, we have so many fabulous brands by LG like The History Of Whoo, Beyond, Sooryehan, Sum37, The Face Shop, VoV, Belif, OHUI all thanks to this Lucky Cream!  Will the Lucky Cream be well received from the public at  this age? The Special Edition cream will be sold for 40,000 wons / 110ml.

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