L’Cret : Le Secret Of Beauty by Lioele






Introducing L’Cret , the sub-brand from popular mass-market brand, Lioele. Chances are that you have never heard of L’Cret, but know the brand Lioele which produced the popular Lioele Beyond The Solution BB Cream.


Lioele was launched in July 2009 which beauty theme revolves around transforming you into a cinderella of the 21st century. The newly launched Lioele line uses the 17th century Cinderella fairy tale as its motif and is based on the gorgeous and elegant lifestyle of the noble women of those times. Lioele’s sub brand – L’Cret is sold only on Korean TV Home Shopping and is a rather new brand which consists of only 3 lines at the moment.


Need proof ? Check out this screen cap captured from Korean TV !


P.S : It reads ‘ 3x SOLD OUT’ !


So what about this new brand that has captured the hearts of the korean beauties? I would say that it is definitely it’s attractive colours that pops up to catch your eyes!


Let’s discover the products that the brand currently offers now which can be found on Wishtrend!


1. L’Cret Miracle Magic Lipstick SPF14





A magic lipstick that changes colour ?? Isn’t that enough to catch your eye ? These colour changing lipsticks changes colour once applied on the lips.


This lipstick is a 7-1in-in lipstick. It can act as :

1) Lip Balm

2) Lip Gloss

3) Lip Tint

4) Lip Rouge

5) Lip Treatment

6) Lip Liner

7) Lip Sunblock




Aren’t those colours just bright and gorgeous ? Not only that the lipstick is highly pigmented, it also provides hydration for the lips for as long as 12 hours! Infused with the white foam complex, hippophae rhamnoides oil ( or known as seabuckthorn oil which is used in Russia and China to treat skin burns from radiation and now has become an anti-aging cosmetic product ), hydrolyzed collagen and squalane – the L’Cret Lip Miracle leaves your lips feeling soft, supple, and smooth! Did i forget to mention that they are also equipped with a SPF of 14 to protect your lips from the dangerous UV rays of the sun.


Natural oils used to moisturize and protect your lips are Castor Seed Oil, Orange Oil, Lavender Oil, Rosa Canina Flower Oil, Olive Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, and Seabuckthorn Oil.




A quick comparison between the different colours that are available :




Shall we look at the upclose photos in FULL HD ? Winking smile 







Did i mention that the lipstick is also mineral oil,  mica and paraben free? Take a look at the ingredient list below and use with ease!





2. L’Cret Quick & Dry Coating Nail





Next up, we have the other best seller L’Cret Quick And Dry Coating Nail Polish! These nail polish dry quickly within seconds! There are currently only 5 colours available at Wishtrend, but more will be added with time.





So are you intrigued so far by L’Cret ? Check them out at Wishtrend with FREE Shipping !


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  1. Omg! Jon, amazing review/s! So glad I bought myself one of these lippies. Been waiting for something like this. Hope you don’t mind if I share your review in my blog for the girlies.

  2. Silly me! With that being said though, anything you say here Jon , always sound like a review to me because you’re so thorough and you cover all possible avenues for us beauty seekers. apologies though.

  3. haha it’s ok. i needed to clear that because there were a few comments who came here scolding me for posting such rubbish reviews, but they were actually just news.

  4. I actually saw this via Facebook and one comment said Jon’s review so I dove in mind that it was a review…. but definitely not rubbish! I don’t know why people have to be so whiny all the time? And why can’t they be thankful for having this type of news ore reviews that are available for them to read? I definitely didn’t want to cause you any trouble, so thanks for clearing this up Jon.

    P.S. (by the way, I now review for wishtrend.com products too, well, just started, thanks to Eddie!)

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