EAST VS WEST : Lavida VS La Prairie




LAVIDA has been the talk of the town since it’s launched because it was the first in the world to produce a new technology called the PhS1P ‘phytosphingosine-1-phosphate’ that takes advantage of inter-cell signal transfer mechanism. It is widely expected to slow facial skin aging.


Sphingolipids are a diverse and ubiquitous class of lipids with at least 500 members, and are involved in a wide range of cellular processes. In fungi and plants, one of the most widely distributed sphingoid bases is PhS1P. It is also found in lesser amounts in animals.Based on the patents related to PhS1P (Patent No. 2011-27198) and anti-aging bio-mimicry nutrients (Patent No. 10-977672), the company has succeeded in developing a new material “Powercell.”


LAVIDA has been drawing attention and being compared to luxury Swiss brand La Prairie for it’s similarities with the biggest difference being it’s price.The La Prairie Cellular Power Infusion claims to awakens, recharges, and helps renew the power of our cells, supposedly even on stem cells. As it boosts the cellular “power stations,” newborn cells rise to the surface quickly, and our skin is enlivened and illuminated. It’s a moisture and energy rush, designed to make you look younger and stay that way. La Prairie promises your dull, tired complexion will bloom with luminous clarity. You will be shielded against external stressors and free radicals. Irritation and redness will be relieved, and your skin will be charged with vital energy.


The breakthrough with Cellular Power Infusion centres around the development of a tri-fold approach, to simultaneously treat the three key factors of aging – loss of energy, handicapped functionality of skin cells and weakened quality of the skin tissue – at the same pace.


Claiming to have the same effciency, the LAVIDA POWERCELL ESSENCE is 20x cheaper ( 85,000 wons for LAVIDA (80ml) and 605,000 wons (7.8ml x 4 ). Have you tried any of these and loved it? Share it with us below!Purchase LAVIDA on GMARKET by typing 코리아나 라비다 파워셀 에센스 


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  1. since the price is on par with ohui’s cell power no 1 essence, do u think lavida is a better value?

  2. haha its okay,,if it isn’t for ur lovely updates, I wouldn’t even know bout this line! I already bought ohui’s cell power, so I might try lavida when I’m done with this ^^ thanks!

  3. I have always used LG products as a loyal fan of LG and Amore skincare brands, and as much as I am admittedly biased, I would say that O-hui actually beats a lot of brands hands down in terms of the prestige and packaging and also, functionality of its products. It helps when you have big stars like Kim Tae Hee, Jo In Sung, and formerly Son Ye Jin, Lee Yo Won and Kim A Joong, who back up this brand as endorsers. The Cell Revolution serum retails at 350,000won and for that small size of 30ml, I would still say that it looks so royal with that pure gold ingredient swimming inside the fluid serum.

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