UPDATED! : Laneige releases water supreme Makeup Line–Foundation, Primer and Pact




Laneige will be releasing a new product called the Supreme Water Foundation 워터 수프림 파운데이션 35ml / 38,000 wons.

1) Laneige Supreme Water Foundation

Using optimal mineral water, the foundation supplies hydration to the water-deprived cells, moisturizing them, while covers up imperfections.

The texture of the foundation is very light and refreshing, therefore, no fear of a thick cakey finish!

The end product ? Hydrated, radiant, perfect natural looking skin.

Comes in 3 colours – True Beige, Natural Beige and Sand Beige!

Product Benefits

1. Watery Light Texture
The watery and refreshing lightweight Aqua Texture eliminates the infamous heavy and sticky texture of foundation and quickly spreads on the skin with a refreshing feeling.
Also, Moisture Droplets, the stabilized moisturizing factors, pull in moisture for your skin to shine with moisture, not oil.

2. Supreme Moisture
Optimal Mineral Water and 3D Hydra Technology form a protective barrier to hold in moisture and leaves the skin supple and free of dryness all day long.

3. Thin Layer
With its light and spreading texture, it is much thinner and lighter than any other foundation and feels as comfortable as your natural skin.

how to use

1. Use after makeup base.

2. Shake well before use and apply an appropriate amount on fingertip to spread evenly, starting with the broadest part of your face.

3. Apply a little more foundation where you need extra coverage and pad with fingertips.

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Not only that, there is also the Make Up Base / Primer and the Powder Pact from the Water Supreme Makeup Series!


2) Water Supreme Primer Base SPF15 PA+ 워터 수프림 프라이머 베이스 SPF15 PA+

Water Supreme Primer Base SPF15 PA+

A primer base with the supple Aqua Texture to smoothen the surface of skin as moisturizing primer and prepares it for foundation with moisture coating.

Product Benefits

1. Smooth Texture Free of Pores and Wrinkles
Deep Dimension Water smoothly refines the surface of skin and fills the skin with the suppleness and plumpness of moisture coating to prepare your skin for makeup.

2. Supreme Moisture
Optimal Mineral Water and 3D Hydra Technology form a protective barrier to hold in moisture and retains moi
sture all day long on the bottommost layer of makeup.

3. Natural Skin Correction
Subtle and natural color does not alter the tone of your foundation, while enhancing your natural complexion.

how to use

1. Use after foundation.

2. Release an appropriate amount onto puff and apply from the broader areas of face.
Use remaining amount on puff to press on eye area and nose.

Sneak Peak ( Credits to qorgkss ) :




3) Water Supreme Finishing Pact SPF25 PA++ 워터 수프림 피니싱 팩트 SPF25 PA++

Water Supreme Finishing Pact SPF25 PA++

A clear finishing pact that applies smoothly and evenly for moisture-enriched skin.

Product Benefits

1. Stable Attachment
The hexagonal Honey Crystal Powder stably attaches to your skin and forms an even layer to cover up the blemishes and appear as if your makeup is done by a professional.

2. Non-dry Finish
3D Hydra Technology forms a protective layer to retain the suppleness of moisturizing foundation and leaves the skin smooth and clear without dryness.

3. Bright and Clear Skin
Water Luminous Powder, a type of mineral powder that mimics the reflection of light on the surface of water, embraces the skin with the clean and clear radiance of water.

how to use

1. Use after makeup base or foundation.

2. Apply an appropriate amount on puff and spread in the following order: cheeks – forehead – nose – chin.

For smaller areas, such as eyes, lips, and nostrils, fold puff in half and gently and carefully press with the remaining amount of powder.

Sneak Peak ( Credits to qorgkss ):





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