Laneige releases the upgraded Firming Sleeping Pack


Meet the Laneige Firming Sleeping Pack… the 2012 upgraded version of the infamous one-sold-every-30-seconds : Laneige Sleeping Pack 퍼밍 슬리핑 팩.


Here are the details of the new upgraded product :


Product Benefits

A supple and resilient sleeping pack that restores skin firmness while you sleep
1) It should be felt from the texture, if it has a firming effect -> memory form gel
2) SleePOP, developed by Amore Pacific’s independent technology, contains polianthes tuberosa polysaccharide for a supple and resilient pack that hydrates the skin and works as filler with low molecular collagen peptides.
3) Sleepscent, developed by Amore Pacific’s independent technology, for the deep relaxation of skin fatigue.


how to use

After cleansing in the evening, apply toner and emulsion.
Apply an appropriate amount of sleeping pack and gently spread from the chin to the center of the face towards its contours.
Let it stay in the skin during the night and wash it off in the morning.


The new version can now be found already on Gmarket! Head over here to purchase, and don’t forget to type in ‘recommended by ‘ for some extras!

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