Laneige releases limited edition water sleeping pack EX


Amore Pacific’s Laneige will be releasing a limited edition of their star-product, the LANEIGE Water Sleeping Pack EX ( 80ml / 25,000 wons ) 제품인 워터 슬리핑 팩_EX



A huge hit worldwide, and a product sold every 30 seconds – the Water Sleeping Pack limited edition will a collaboration with young designers to bring a freshness and hipness to it’s packaging.

Laneige releases limited edition water sleeping pack EX

0 thoughts on “Laneige releases limited edition water sleeping pack EX”

  1. Cool.

    I hope this takes on consumers to buy the product. It’s a great product for the young and the “young-minded” like me.

    It also reminds me of L’Oréal’s slant on shu uemura’s cleansing oils, color cosmetics and makeup pouches, where a designer is invited to create designs and bring a look freshness to a brand. If I’m not mistaken, Shiseido’s IPSA does the same thing.

    Anyway, I love the marine theme on the jar. Cute.

  2. I prefer Whoo In Yang sleeping repair…however this one is only for healthy skin,not for troubled skin. I tried and had more trouble with it

  3. yes,the first time I tried it was ok,but since the 2nd time everything went bad…then I was given a sample of Whoo In Yang sleeping repair and it was great that my skin got much more better

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