Laneige release Air Light line & cooling powder



Amore Pacific’s LANEIGE Air Light series is making a comeback. Released many years back, the line was stopped for a while. Now, it is upgraded and making a comeback !



The 3 products in the series are :

1. Laneige Air Light Foundation SPF25 PA++ 에어 라이트 파운데이션


A foundation with smooth texture and fast coverage for a naturally comfortable skin tone. Comes in 4 shades :




Smooth application
The gel-in-oil emulsion technology injects air into the foundation so it feels cushiony. Spreads smoothly and quickly on your skin for natural and comfortable skin coverage.

Comfortable coverage
The micro air channel in between the powder particles in Air Channel Mineral Powder comforts your skin without heaviness, leaving the coverage of foundation light and thin.

Bright and long-lasting
Natural pigment particles have been processed into micro particles and even pigments have been selected to leave your skin tone bright without darkening.


2. Laneige Air Light Primer

A primer that tightens your skin texture for resilience and firmness to prepare it for makeup.

Resilient skin expression
‘Elastic Complex’ forms a thin and flexible barrier on your skin to fill in the unevenness and tighten the texture to prepare it for makeup.

Tighter skin texture
Moisture Supplement Complex and Wax Complex keep your skin hydrated for a more radiant and smoother skin texture.

Clear skin tone
The lemon yellow color naturally matches any skin tone to create a naturally clear and bright skin tone.


3. Laneige Air Light Finishing Pact

A pressed powder that fills your skin texture for a bright and transparent expression.Comes in 3 shades :



Smooth skin expression
The smooth surface of Soft Touch Mineral Powder refined in water and lumi in powder transfers to your skin to create smooth coverage.

Light skin finish
Air-light mineral powder is compressed to allow makeup correction without lumping or thickening.

Bright skin expression
Natural pigment particles have been processed into micro particles to sort out only the homogeneous pigments particles for long-lasting brightness without darkening.


Checkout the makeup tutorial for the new Laneige Air Light line below :


0 thoughts on “Laneige release Air Light line & cooling powder”

  1. it seems that model in video doesn’t have problem with skin at all, so value of any make up is not great. but images created by stylists are very nice

    i’m afraid of buying laneige makeup products. i have negative experience with laneige snow BB cream. it’s not good at all – very oily texture, strange chemical smell.

  2. haha yeah, the model had very nice skin in the beginning! Ahh, i have the BB cream with me but have not tried it yet! if you could get samples before purchasing a product – that would be great !

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