LG’s Lacvert Introduces three new lines for summer–Introducing the Lacvert ‘H.I.T’ line





LG’s Lacvert, a skincare brand for the younger generation and endorsed by Korea’s Ice Queen, Kim Yuna, will be revealing a line called ‘H.I.T’ which consists of three sub-lines.

‘H.i.t’ stands for their three sub-lines : Hydrating, Illuminating, Tightening ( HIT) . Each line consists of 5 products – toner, emulsion, essence, cream and eye cream.

1. Lacvert H ( hydrating ) Line 라끄베르 H

For those aged at their 20s. Uses Alpine Glacier Water to give a deep sense of moisture together with herbs like bergamot.

2. Lacvert I ( illuminating ) Line

For those aged at their 30s. Cranberry, blueberry extracts eliminates waste and toxins in your skin to give it a glowing complexion

3. Lacvert ( tightening ) Line

For those aged above their 40s. Improves skin elasticity with the help of mushroom extracts, ganoderma lucidum, etc to supply nutrients to the skin while improving its firmness.



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