Kiko releases their BB Cream




Kiko Cosmetics is a Italian milano make-up brand that has been slowly establishing it’s name in the makeup market overseas. They’re known for their huge range of colour in their cosmetics! They will be releasing their version of the BB Cream called the Kiko Beauty Cream.


A revolution in the realm of foundations. KIKO introduces BB Cream Coloured Beauty Balm, the new “all-changing” make up enriched with active ingredients that provides skin with a moisturizing effect. Soft as a caress, BB Cream is also good for your skin. Just like a cream.
The most advanced colour technology merges with KIKO’s skin care expertise to provide a genuinely unique foundation-treatment that amazes you from the very first touch. It takes care of your skin and evens out the complexion, enhancing its texture and radiance.


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  1. oh, i have just got back from italy with a lot of Kiko products – i’m a fan of this brand, but when i was there – no bb-cream was seen in the shops. seems that it was released 1-2 days after! i will check it next time for sure!

  2. oh don’t tell me anything ))) i guess it is released since there are reviews in italian blogs…. as far as i know Kiko doesn’t send any samples to bloggers (at least before the official release)

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