Will It’s Skin hit the jackpot with their Snake line?



After their highly successful Snail line, It’s Skin will be finally releasing their snake venom line, the It’s Skin Prestige Synake Agetox Cream.


The packaging is very much similar to the Chosungah Raw’s old packaging, looks beautiful ! It also comes with 2 wrinkle fillers! The cream comes with 1% of Syn-ake which is actually really high, and contains other anti wrinkle ingredients such as peptides,EGF,ceramides,etc. Not to mention, the purple coloured cream!


The line now consists of the cream, as well as the It’s Skin Prestige Synake Agetox Ampoule and the It’s Skin Prestige Synake Agetox Mask Sheet.




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  1. Good ! I’m waiting for the biological ingredients ‘s liste . Hope il will be release in Gmarket soon , if not , should wait until May to buy it in Korea .

  2. Hi hopeinablog

    I need some skincare advice here. Hope you can help me.

    I am turning 24 this year. My skin type is dry, i have a very thin skin layer, hence skin is very sensitive. My skin tone is fair (~nc20) but sallow, dull, and uneven. Hence I would like my skincare to be able to brighten up (not whiten) my skin, and also help combat my dry, thin, sensitive skin. I am currently using laneige sensitive range, which has served me well but since I am turning 24 this year, would like to venture into my targetted skincare to solve my problems.

    I am interested in the sulwhasoo, su:m37, whoo, charmzone brands. Perhaps you could recommend me some products that will suit me for a daily and nightly regimen. Many thanks in advance.

  3. Natalie,

    Maybe you can try LG’s Belif Aqua Bomb or Moisturizing Bomb or Sum37′s Waterfull line. They are both very similar and you’ll definitely notice a difference. They are free from those harsh chemicals too so perfect for your sensitive skin

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