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It’s Skin has released their new line called the Vita +5 Program which contains 5 types of cream, each having a main vitamin – A , B, C, D & E!

These creams absorbs quickly without being sticky , retains water in your skin and protects your skin from harmful enviroments.

Vitamin A – lifts the skin and improves the skin elasticity and repairs damage skin. Promotes collagen synthesis and skin elasticity by the effects of Caviar. Retinol is the main ingredient here – which is a form of Vitamin A.

Vitamin B – protects dry skin and prevents skin irritation. Suitable for troubled skin and contains excellent wound healing effect from mushrooms, and green tea extracts.

Vitamin C – Skin whitening and inhibits melanin protection. Protects sun from the harmful UV rays.

Vitamin D – Effective in skin soothing and moisturizing. Can be used after a long day under the sun, as a recovery from UV damaged. Contains jasmine extracts.

Vitamin E – Moisturizes the skin and provides nutrition. Contains also Acerola, Pomegranate which is rich in moisture and nourishes the skin.

These creams come in a miniature size – 10ml – so that you can mix and match the creams and vitamins according to your needs.

We think that’s such a neat idea and of course, never hurts to have the gorgeous Nickhun as your spokesperson.

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