It’s Skin to release Science Gene program



Swoooooon. 2PM’s Nickhun , the spokesperson of It’s Skin, is just sooo stunning.


Ok, back to the topic… It’s Skin will be releasing a new DNA-repairing line called the It’s Skin Science Gene.


It is a blend of nature with high-tech science to resolve skin problems and give you healthy clear skin.


The line will feature 4 products :


1. It’s Skin Science Gene Hyaluronic Acid Ampoule Program 사이언스 젠 히아루로닉 엠플


Provides deep hydration to the skin. A 4 week moisturizing program which also helps in whitening and anti-wrinkle.

Highly concentrated in Hyaluronic Acid


2. It’s Skin Science Gene Collagen Ampoule 사이언스 젠 콜라겐엠플


Activates the synthesis of collagen in your skin while improving it’s elasticity. Also a 4 weeks program.


3. It’s Skin Science Gene Hyaluronic Acid Mist 사이언스 젠 히아루로닉 미스트


Water soluble hyaluronic acid to quench skin’s thirst as well as DNA-repairing functions. Contains whitening ingredients such as Niacinamide to give clear and clean skin.


4. It’s Skin Science Gene Collagen Mist 사이언스 젠 콜라겐 미스트

Contains 100mg of collagen—rich mist to nourish the skin and improve elasticity. Helps to combat deep wrinkles, fine lines with adenosine.



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  1. Reminds me of Tony Moly’s Gene science line, in terms of the same concept and probable main active ingredients.

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