It’s Skin to release Prestige Serum d’Escargot + Eye Serum


I knew this was going to happen sooner or later because of the amazing success of the It’s Skin Prestige d’Escargot line – but i didn’t know it was going to take this long! I just received news that It’s Skin will be finally releasing a serum off the Prestige D’escargot series! 프레스티지 세럼 데스까르고 + 세럼 아이 데스


The It’s Skin Prestige Serum D’escargot will retail for 38,000 wons ( i expected it to be more expensive! ) and it comes with a trial version of the It’s Skin Prestige Serum Eye D’escargot ( 15ml ). The product will be launched in the next few weeks, and we’re super excited to test it out soon!


Who’s ready for more prestige escargots?? Hehe..

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  1. hi!!!!
    im so glad to see this post! because exactly today i started to use it’s skin escargot cream ( i have a sample of it so i hope it will be enough for 1 week of using).
    i remember you had a post with a lot of info about such creams, right? do you still have it on this new site? i would like to read more about this type of creams…. and what will be your suggestion – what’s the best of snail creams?

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