it’s skin releases sun care line


It’s Skin has brought on the heat by introducing 5 sun-care products which are already available on Gmarket!


Pick one according to your needs.

1) It’s Skin UV Away 3Plus Sun Block SPF50+

잇츠스킨 3PLUS 선블럭




Looking for high protection? Then this is for you! It helps create a barrier to protect the skin and is a multi functional product which helps in anti-wrinkle, whitening, and skin firming – while not making your skin shine!




2) It’s Skin UV Away Perfect Sun Block SPF 50+

잇츠스킨 퍼펙트 선블럭




If you’re always on the run, under the sun, enjoy outdoor activities – then this is the one for you! It is water & sweat proof to make sure the sun protection isn’t erased !


Enriched with Horse Tail Extracts helps heal wounds and speeds the healing of the skin and has a firming and tightening action on the skin. It is beneficial for the treatment of acne because of its high silica content which provides texture.



3) It’s Skin UV Away Mild Sun Block SPF 38

잇츠스킨 마일드 선블럭





Have sensitive and can’t tolerate many sunscreen products? Then this is the one for you! It has a hypo allergenic formula which protects the skin from external environment , refreshes the skin and feels comfortable.


It contains lactobacillus ferment to stabilize the skin.




4) It’s Skin UV Away BB Sun Balm SPF46

잇츠스킨 비비 선밤

bb sun balm


This is a BB Sun Balm ( BB Pact )  which is a make-up product, sunscreen, and whitening product which contains pomegranate extracts and rose extracts to give you smooth, porcelain, blemish free skin.



5) It’s Skin UV Away Grinding Sun Powder SPF50

잇츠스킨 유브이 어웨이 그라인딩 선파우더




This sun powder comes in two colors : Light Beige and Natural Beige. Contains bl
ueberry extracts.




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  1. The Perfect Sun Block seems to be…Perfect! I’ll buy it for sure. I really hope it’s matifying.

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