It’s Skin pushes out men’s snail line–It’s SKin Prestige d’escargot Homme


Hohoho… I saw this coming and indeed it did. It’s Skin will be releasing a men’s version of the infamous It’s Skin Prestige D’escargot line for those men who doesn’t have the balls to buy the normal version.

The line will consist of 3 products :

1. It’s Skin Prestige Tonique d’escargot Homme 120ml

2. It’s Skin Prestige Lotion d’escargot Homme 120ml

3. It’s Skin Prestige Serum d’escargot Homme 38ml

There’s still a difference in terms of formulation : the men’s line has a shorter ingredient list. The serum contains 7980mg of snail mucin, while the normal version contains 8400 mg. For the toner and emulsion, the men’s version will also contain 20ml less ( 120ml compared to the normal 140ml ) and also contains less percentage of snail mucin. So, Guys, if you’re really conscious about buying anything that has the ‘men label’ and you’ve always wanted to try snail skincare, this was made for you. But if you don’t really bother about that, the normal version seems better in terms of snail mucin percentage, as well as formulation.

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