0 thoughts on “It’s Skin on 50% sale!”

  1. OMG! it’s a real deal!
    and i still don’t know how Gmarket works ((

    how can i get the shipping cost there? i need to contact the seller as on ebay?

  2. THANKS! i registered there and even managed to put an item to my shopping cart )
    will think till monday if “to take a risk” with gmarket or not )))
    by the way, i was searching for naruko products there but didn’t find anything – do you know any selleresshops with Naruko in GM?

    ah, and 1 more thing – if i decide finally to make an order on GM, your site’s name i should enter only after i make the payment?

  3. after confirming the purchase, you will be directed to another page where you enter the address, remarks to seller etc.

    Naruko is taiwanese so you can’t find it there..

    but you can find the Hannule cream that you liked and asked me about before together with sulwhasoo, history of whoo, etude house, holika holika etc

  4. thank you so much for the explanation!!!
    will let you know then if i buy something or not))
    for now i found the It’s skin shop in Moscow (what a surprise!) and i bought there 4 different serums

  5. сan you explain me 1 more thing – how can i know when the offer will end? for example today the sale was over already when i was ready to buy the cream…. i bought it anyway because it costs less even without the discount, but i prefer to know in the future how much time do i have….

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