It’s Skin now on Sales !

It’s Skin launched in Gmarket earlier this year.

They are now having 30% off certain products notably :

1) Queen Prestige Hydra/Repair Queen 24 Cure Cream : 58,000 to 38,500 wons.

2) Hydra Gel Cream

3) Clearlist Capsule Essence

Click on the photos to be directed directly into their Gmarket page.





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0 thoughts on “It’s Skin now on Sales !”

  1. I’ve ordered that! And the Herbalium Mask Should be arriving any day now!

    The Escargot cream is really amazing. I recently had this dry itchy patch on my abdomen from god knows know what. Some sort of allergy or reaction or something. I was using aloe vera to soothe the area but it didn’t seem to be healing much. Just 3 applications of the Escargot cream and it has improved so much! The dryness and roughness is gone and it seems to be actually healing! Awesome!

    Gave a friend a sample packet to see if it has any effect on her eczema.

  2. update us on it

    Did you get the mask together with the Panacea moisturiser?

    Did u also get the lotion and emulsion off the same line?

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