Introducing the world's first makeup ampoule: the Isa Knox Ampoule Drop Foundation. We've always known ampoules for their skincare benefits, and particularly popular in Korea where they serve as concentrated skincare treatment.

This foundation gives you both foundation and skincare benefits all in one product. Enriched with wild Korean Camellia extract and Floral Ampoule Water Complex , it contains Ecocert Argan Oil, 6 types of essential aromatherapy oils (bergamot, line, sandalwood, rosemary, chamomile and lavender). The foundation also uses the 'Air Touch Technology' which makes the foundation air-light and breathable even when applied on the skin. It's 'sphere shaped powder' doesn't clog pores despite re-applications. The foundation ampoule contains 42% of moisturizing ingredients to ensure that the skin remains hydrated for hours. SPF 28, PA+++ and is a multi-functional skincare product ( makeup, anti-wrinkle, whitening, and UV protection).

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  • Skincaraholic

    Wow that sounds so good! I really like the eye dropper idea too (less chance of contamination).

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