Laneige releases ‘new’ BB Product – Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion





Laneige has just pushed out another NEW BB product called the Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion and you’ll see the other beauty blogs going ‘Wowww.. this is so unique bla bla bla bla’ but those of you who have followed Hope In A Blog know that this isn’t the first of it’s kind !


Remember the IOPE Air Cushion Sunblock?






This was already available a long time ago from IOPE, another company under the Amore Pacific corporation that also produces Laneige. And we’ve written about it and talked about it a few times. Therefore, strong chances that this is probably almost the same product. Also, those of you who have been following Hope In A Blog must have seen that ‘special powder puff’ which all the other blogs have been talking about that comes with the new Laneige product. Haha, aren’t you glad you’re always a step ahead in Korean Cosmetics if you’ve been following us religiously? That puff was also included in HERA ( another company under the Amore Pacific Corporation ) UV MIST BALM ( read the review : here ), and also appears in the products of Innisfree and Mamonde which are all under the Amore Pacific Corporation.


Ok, back to this ‘revolutionary’ BB Cushion.. The official description :


– Intensive skin brightening effect

The powder contains the whitening properties of Laneige’s White Plus Renew Complex, the key ingredient in the brand’s White Plus Renew whitening range. Melanin synthesis is inhibited and the skin is also enriched with hydration at the same time.

– Extensive sun protection

The BB Soothing Cushion comes with SPF 50+ PA+++. Skin damage from the sun ain’t gonna be your problem no more.

– Enlivening and refreshing tired skin

Stemming from the brand’s very successful Water Bank series, the skin hydration technology used in achieving this product gives us a Hydro-mineral Suspension, providing 30% more moisture to our skin upon application. It cools our skin down and revitalises it, keeping us looking fresh all day.

– Lasting makeup

The sweat proof formula ensures that the makeup we apply after the BB Soothing Cushion stays on for longer, even when we perspire.

– Smooth skin

The BB Soothing Cushion provides sufficient coverage and a matte finish. It can be layered on for fuller coverage when necessary. Sebum production and shine are minimised so you can stay confident throughout the day.



While this thing is retailing for S$59 = $46USD, you can easily get the IOPE Cushion Block for less than $27USD on Gmarket ( type 아이오페 에어쿠션 선블록 ). Don’t forget to subscribe our blog for the best beauty deals, especially if you’re into Korean products – you’ll find the best deals and you’ll always be one step ahead of others! And you’ll definitely have to subscribe IF you saw the Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion and thought that it was a revolutionary new product , the first of it’s kind, with a ‘unique sponge’. Lol!

Here is a recap of both Cushion BBs :


SPF 50+ 50+
Whitening Contains Laneige White Plus Renew Complex Contains 35% moisture rich brightening essence
Cooling Sensation Yes Yes
Sweatproof Formula Yes Yes
Hydration Skin-hydration technology that forms a hydro-mineral suspension Intense moisturizing & soothing effect with hydro-mineral water
Oil Control Elastic network of high molecules resistant against sweat and sebum Contains Oil degradation enzymes powder (LLCP)

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  1. So which one is better in ur opinion? I’m having iope cause it’s cheaper. But is it really different result since the price is significant

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