IOPE upgrades Retinol TX Intensive



Amore Pacific’s IOPE will be upgrading their best selling IOPE Retinol TX Intensive 레티놀 TX 인텐시브, with a product sold every 35 seconds, and 1 out of 4 Korean women possessing at least one tube of IOPE Retinol TX Intensive



IOPE Retinol TX Intensive improves deep fine lines and wrinkles rapidly with pure retinol and plant extracts.


IOPE Retinol NX™ Line’s Features

1. Amore Potent Wrinkle Reduction Solution That Addresses Invisible Signs as well as Deep Wrinkles

Since the first stabilization of Retinol in Korea in 1997, IOPE Retinol has evolved solely for wrinkle reduction purposes.

In 2009, IOPE Retinol introduce NX Complex™ based, more potent and fundamental wrinkle reduction solution that addresses potential wrinkles hidden in the skin as well as deep wrinkles.

** What is NX Complex™ ? **

NX Complex™ is the cutting-edge ingredient developed for the first time in Korea by IOPE Skin Research Institute by looking at the relationship between nerve damage and aging.

NX Complex™ is consists of Glistin,witch facilitates the generation of NGF(Nerve Growth Factor), and Arginine which improves skin damage caused by internal
and external stress.

NX Complex™ even addresses potential sources of aging by relieving stresses on skin and suppressing the generation of harmful factors inducing aging.

2. Wrinkle Care around the Clock – Pro-Retinol by Day and Pure Retinol by Night
IOPE Retinol, the night time care solution for women’s wrinkles,now presents Pro-Retinol for daytime use.

Just as they addressed wrinkles by stabilizing pure Retinol for the first time in Korea in 1997, in 2009 IOPE researchers successfully stabilized “Pro-Retinol” for the first time in Korea, delivering superb wrinkle improvement effects day and night.

** What is Pro-Retinol ? **

Pro-Retinol,the precursor of Retinol,is 100 times as effective as Tocopherol in anti-oxidation. IOPE Skin Research Institute developed
the “composite system of double-layered capsule/multi-lamellar vesicle”, successfully stabilizing Pro-Retinol for daytime use for the first time in Korea.

3. Specialized Wrinkle Reduction Line Advanced based on Problem, Step and Symptom

The development of the IOPE Retinol NX Line was based on data detailing the skin aging symptoms and needs of 1,032 women.

The IOPE Retinol NX Line presents more advanced,personal wrinkle care based on problem Step and Symptom from early to progressed stages of aging.



Product Description

IOPE Retinol TX intensifies the effect of Retinol 4 times through Retinotox, a patented ingredient, to improve wrinkles caused by skin aging. It is developed under Plant Aging Care Complex and Plant Biosome System, an advanced nano technology which absorbs deep into the skin.
This wrinkle solution line formulated with plant Biosome System with 32.9% plant extracts. Dermatologist tested.

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The new upgraded version will feature Amore Pacific’s technology which ensures the absorption of the active ingredients into the deep layers of the skin. It will also feature Hyaluronic Acid which will act as a filler, immediately plumping the skin’s fine lines and wrinkles.




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  1. hi hope,
    i see that there are 3 types of iope retinol selling on gmarket.
    1. retinol TX
    2. retinol NX
    3. Pro retinol

    do you know what is the difference between retinol TX and retinol NX? is retinol NX the older version?

  2. the NX has two products : one is a night product, the other is a serum. the TX is can be used both day and night i think, but retinol is only for nnight use because it is inactive when exposed to light.. haha so im quite confused too by this product

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