IOPE releases new Moistgen line, sunpowder, whitegen makeup line!



IOPE has released a new line for summer called the IOPE Moistgen Essential line.

The exceptionally deep moisturizing effect of Moistgen supplies moisture deep into the skin and strengthens the connectivity within it in order to prevent the loss of moisture. Moistgen is a compound of Moist and Gene. It is one of the exclusive ingredients of IOPE to quench skin’s thirst. Salicornia (grows in beach area and contains a lot of water) extract and Arabidopsis (doesn’t lose its moist in the extreme cold and dry environment) extract supply rich moist to deep inside of skin.

The line will be divided into two : Moistgen Essential ( enriched moisturizing / dry to normal skin ) and Moistgen Balancing ( for light refreshing feeling/ oil combi skin )

The line will have

1. IOPE Moistgen Essential Emulsion

2. IOPE Moistgen Essential Serum

3. IOPE Moistgen Essential Cream

4. IOPE Moistgen Essential Eye Cream

5. IOPE Moistgen Deep Aqua Cream 아이오페 모이스트젠 딥 아쿠아 크림

6. IOPE Moistgen Balancing Softener 아이오페 모이스트젠 밸런싱 소프너

7. IOPE Moistgen Balancing Emulsion

7. IOPE Moistgen Essential Softener 아이오페 모이스트젠 에센셜 소프너


Other new products from IOPE is the IOPE Sun Powder SPF45 선파우더

IOPE releases new Moistgen line, sunpowder, whitegen makeup line!


Last but not least is the newly released IOPE Whitegen Makeup line 아이오페 화이트젠 이븐스킨




Contains the brightening ingredients of IOPE Whitegen patented ingredient which helps covers skin flaws and also provides brightening effect. Skinchroma Complex TM manages 3 critical pigments for skin tone – black, red, yellow to improve spotted and dull skin to radiant, and flawless. They all have soft airless texture without any stickiness.


The line contains 3 products :

1. IOPE Whitegen Even Skin Foundation SPF25 PA++ 픽]아이오페 화이트젠 이븐스킨 파운데이션 30ml

2. IOPE Whitegen Even Skin Primer SPF50+ PA+++ 아이오페 화이트젠 이븐스킨 프라이머 

3. IOPE Whitegen Even Skin Pact SPF32 PA+++ 아이오페 화이트젠 이븐스킨 팩트


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