IOPE releases anti sag neck cream


When we age, not only does it show on our face but on our necks too which is often neglected. Amore Pacific’s IOPE will be releasing a Neck Lifting Cream to improve sagging jaw line and the skin around your neck with plant stem cells. Introducing the IOPE Lifting Neck Cream 플랜트 스템셀 리프팅 넥크림


Many do not know that the skin of the neck is one more the most sensitive parts of the skin because it is thinner, drier and wrinkles more easily than the other parts of the body, The plant stem cells helps to improve elasticity of the skin and helps prevent the aging of the skin by improving the vitality and elasticity of it. Not only that, it comes with a roller so you can use it to massage your neck while you’re at it !

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  1. Actually, I am very very iffy about these neck creams. If the neck’s skin is thinner and drier than the face’s, then it is technically similar to the body’s skin, and using lotions and creams which one uses for the body could be used in a double capacity for the neck. Of one can layer more facial cream on the neck than getting these extra neck creams. Cosmetic companies do have an edge in marketing these products as the necessary step in skincare and bodycare, needless to say :p

  2. I actually agree that this is more likely a marketing gimmick than an actual needed product. I usually use what I put on my face also on my neck, as to prevent discoloration too but that aside, I do love IOPE’s stem cell line. I used their eye cream for several months and I swear it works wonder cause now I seem to have a double eyelid! so I do believe on their lifting effect, at least on my eyes

  3. For some reason or another, my skin reacts to the IOPE Plant Stem Cell Renewal line’s products, especially the emulsion. It really depends, and went off and on in terms of the reaction, but I stopped using the samples after 2 to 3 times, to be sure that it was not just a case of skin responding to new products. IOPE’s other products such as the Atopy cream is a good one for sensitive skin like mine though. I also tend to use it on the neck during winter when I use it.

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