Wishtrend’s Skinlab Launch : A Vitamin A Day Keeps The dermatologist away!



‘A vitamin a day keeps the dermatologists away’


Wishtrend is proud to present to you a new brand launch called Skin&Lab, an advanced line up cosmoceutical ( Cosmetics + Pharmaceutical )  skincare brand which targets various skin problems with the use of vitamins. Skin&Lab is made to fit each unique and personal skin based on dermatologists’ various clinical expertise – what Wishtrend would like to call having ‘Doctor’s Care At Home’.


Skin&Lab Brand Concept :




Skin&Lab has 3 main lines :




1. Dr Vita Clinic


The Dr Vita Clinic is a vitamin line made especially to suit your skin’s needs and help solve them with the help of various vitamins. Now, Wishtrend will be talking about this in detail in another post so wait for it! In this post, we will just be introducing the brand.


So here is a resume of the creams available in the Dr. Vita Clinic line :




These creams can also be mixed and used together. Don’t you like the idea of a D-I-Y Cosmetic?

Click on the links below to see each Vitamin in detail :

1. [SKIN & LAB] Vitamin A plus Lifting

2. [SKIN & LAB] Vitamin B plus Trouble-X

3. [SKIN & LAB] Vitamin C plus Brightening

4. [SKIN & LAB] Vitamin E plus Moisturizing

5. [SKIN & LAB] Vitamin K plus Red-X

In the Dr. Vita Clinic Line, there are also two multivitamin essences : Skin&Lab Triple Action Essence and Skin&Lab Trouble Finish Essence.





2. Dr Water Supply




Dr. Water Supply is a hydrating line which uses the richness of vitamins and minerals. Skin&Lab‘s Dr Water Supply uses premium water to provide immediate moisture to the skin. The human body is made out of 70% water – in which 83% of blood, 79% of heart, and 90% of cells are based on water fluids. Therefore, Skin&Lab stresses the importance of quality water to enhance the activity and productivity of cells.


So, you might ask what IS quality water that Skin&Lab uses ? What kind of water is good for our body or skin?


1. Clean, pure water. Skin&Lab’s water does not contain any harmful substances which may have been contaminated due to environmental pollution.

2. Mineral-rich Water. Mineral is an important constituent of the bodies and is necessary for the body’s functions.

3. Small-clustered Water. A cluster refers to the molecule of water. The smaller the size of cluster is, the faster water is absorbed into the body. Also, as body absorbs water faster, it allows the body to eliminate body waste more quickly.


In this line, there are 3 serums which are made from 3 different type of water : Mont Blanc Glacial Water, Hawaii Deep Sea Water and New Zealand Bedrock Water. Click on the essence you are interested in for a detailed description.



3. Dr Pore Tight


The Dr. Pore Tight is a 3-step program for pore care management which helps in cleansing the skin thoroughly, controlling the sebum secretion of the skin, and moisturizing and tightening the pores at the same time.




Click on the 3 products available in this line for detailed information :

1. [SKIN & LAB] Hydrating Perfect Gel Cream

2. [SKIN & LAB] Bubble Powder Mask & Cleanse

3. [SKIN & LAB] Neutralizing Gel Toner



4. Dr Spot Clear


The Skin&Lab Dr Spot Clear line is a newly introduced line which is a spot treatment program to target problems and attack them directly.



The two products in the line are

1. [SKIN & LAB] Dr. Spot Clear Don’t Worry Wrinkle – helps removes eye wrinkles!

2. [SKIN & LAB] Dr. Spot Clear Don’t Touch Trouble – helps calms down blemishes! 

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  1. its up to u. if u need one vitamin more than the other, than use more of it. if not its 50-50

  2. oh great, so we can really mix it as we please wo have to worried about the ratio (thought if some vit is more than others, there’ll be some ‘side effect’ hehe)
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