Introducing Brands : The Skin Shop




The Skin Shop ( not to be confused with The Skin House ) is a Korean Cosmetic company owned by the IF MANET Corp. IF MANET is inspired by Edouard Manet, a french painter , referred to as the father of impressionism.  If Manet was born in order to share and express the beauty of women today through the cosmetic with beautiful color and through imagination based on Manet’s creativity and artistic nature.


Like it’s slogan ‘Nature of the Natural Beauty Cosmetic’, The Skin Shop is all about nature-friendly cosmetics to customers.




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  1. Ah, the snail cream looks interesting. Do they have an Ebay shop or international online shop?

    I’ll wait for your review before purchasing anything!

  2. Hi Phan, i’m not sure.. will ask them. We don’t have any products to review from them! hopefully soon

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