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At first glance, you would think that this brand is a western brand right ? Wrong! Cellure Stem Cell Skincare is actually a brand under the  RNL BIO company, a biotechnology company that is based in South Korea. There’s no denying that Stem Cell Skincare has flourished especially in South Korea, and South Korea has earned a reputation as a leader in stem cell research. The Cellure brand however will be promoted in America.




A little history regarding the company, RNL Bio.







Premium Korean brands such as O HUI, as well as the mass market brands such as Dr Jart have been actively churning out stem-cells products. Recently, Asian powerhouse cosmetic brand, SK-II have even released their own stem-cell line. So what has the Cellure brand has to offer ?


CELLURE Stem Cell Skin Care, the first to infuse carefully preserved adult stem cells into skin care, using cutting edge technology and medical insights to effectively advance skin care. Our parent company, RNL Bio (KOREAN), is the largest adult human stem cell research facility in the world specializing in regenerative medicine. The company operates internationally (in the United States, Germany, Japan, South Korea and China) and partners with the best academic institutions.
CELLURE is changing the face of skin care. Cultivating only from adult human stem cells—not animal-based, embryonic or artificial—CELLURE applies a new science to skin care. Our formulas use unprecedented amounts of stem cells to create our key ingredient – a pure protein complex unlike any other on earth. A proprietary process multiplies stem cells that excrete powerful proteins—ones that are unaltered in quality or efficacy. True to what they were in the body, they can then truly help skin. Their small size makes them ideal for quick absorption.



What Stem Cells Does Cellure Use?

Considered master cells in the human body, stem cells have the remarkable ability to become any one of the body’s cell types. Stem cells can divide throughout life, specializing to whatever function the body requires and can take the place of cells that die or are lost. These cells dispatch beneficial proteins and apply helping actions to the body when in need, supporting repair and healing.


Cellure uses only undifferentiated unaltered, pure cultured adult human stem cells originating for adipose tissue(fat tissue).


Before And After Skin Tests

Introducing Brands : Cellure Stem Cell Skincare  &#8211- Cutting Edge Science


Where Does The Technology Come From?

In the 21st century stem cells and their capacity to treat diseases have become a driving force in the field of biotechnology. Our parent company, RNL Bio, is the largest adult human stem cell research facility in the world specializing in regenerative medicine. The company operates internationally (in the United States, China, Germany, and South Korea) and partners with the best academic institutions.


All stem cells are not created- or replicated- equal. RNL Bio standardized the industry by doing what others cannot: replicating and cultivating adult human stem cells – not animal-based, embryonic or artificial- from adipose tissue of donors. RNL Bio goes above and beyond all international standards of safety and regulations to ensure the quality of the stem cells they use. Using a patented technology that replicates thousands of healthy stem cells into millions, RNL Bio has been treating patients for years by injecting the stem cells for medicinal purposes. This type of therapy is used as treatment for Burger’s Disease, Arthritis, Parkinson’s Disease, cancer and other auto-immune diseases.


Cellure’s key ingredient Lipotein is a by-product of this stem cell technology, but it has also been used in many instances to help prevent cancer, heal burns, and stop aging in its tracks.


At age 20, your body takes 14 days to regenerate its epidermis. By age 50, it takes 37 days. And skin can only make half the proteins it once did.



What Is Lipotein?

Scientific Name: Human Adipocyte Conditioned Media Extract as published in the International Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary.


Lipotein is a conditioned media that is a natural result of stem cell replication. When RNL Bio replicates stem cells, they are placed into a media to grow without any synthetic additives and as they multiply they condition this media by secreting powerful anti-aging properties into it- just like in your own body. All of the nutrients are then extracted from the media and combined to make the natural protein complex, Lipotein.


Cellure’s approved patented Lipotein™ consists of 8 proteins that are the key to breaking the cycle of aging.

  • Procollagen Maintains skin’s elasticity
  • VEGF Stops cell death and promotes revascularization
  • Fibronectin Stimulates the migration of skin cells
  • HGF Induces the active production of new cells
  • KGF Instrumental in wound repair
  • IGF Stimulates cellular differentiation
  • bFGF Stimulates cell growth
  • TGF Restores damaged tissues


    What Makes Cellure Stem Cell Technology Different?


    More advanced. More concentrated.

    Our formulas use unprecedented amounts of healthy stem cells to create our active ingredient—Lipotein™, a pure, natural protein complex unlike any other in the world.

    This high concentrate of Lipotein™ translates into the highest concentration of stem cell derived beneficial proteins of any product line.

    A proprietary process multiplies the cells to achieve high levels of unaltered, high-quality proteins. True to what they were in the body, making them a natural way to truly help skin.

    Our stem cell proteins are a small size that makes them ideal for quick absorption and use by the body. The mixture of proteins in our patented stem cell extract are the very same found in the body, brought to the skin at effective levels.

    It holds 5 patents and 1 powerful response to what ails skin.


    How Cellure Works

    The paraben-free Cellure system marries with skin’s normal functions to dispatch powerful growth factors and proteins from our exclusively formulated Lipotein™. They naturally seek out damaged areas to help skin repair and restart its own inherent regeneration by balancing your skin’s environment. As a cut seals or a burn heals, so is age un-wound.


    Reverse Cell Degradation

  • Cellure will try to limit further cell death by protecting skin from oxidative stress (UV damage, smoking etc).
  • Powerful anti-oxidants help fight the oxidation or aging process.

    Increase Cell Regeneration

  • VEGF stimulates cellular regeneration. It helps stop cell death and maintains revascularization.
  • HGF regulates cell growth, proliferation and regeneration. When there is damage, HGF is key in the healing process.
  • bFGF, IGF, KGF all work together to increase cell growth.

    Infuse Moisture

  • Powerful moisturizing agents (hyaluronic acid) in Cellure make skin soft and supple.
  • Procollagen is a protein that when combined with water functions to moisturize and maintain the elasticity of the skin.

    Fill in Empty Spots

  • Cellure’s proteins that help regenerate stem cells- retain fat tissue. Increased moisture and cells will create a smoother complexion and plumper skin.
  • Increased blood flow to deep skin layers is critical in retaining fat.
  • Fuller cells

    Smooth Sagging Skin and Wrinkles

  • CSagging skin will appear to be become tighter and firmer due to newly created and strengthened collagen, elastin and fibronectin network.
  • The cell regeneration and moisture will dramatically decrease the formation of wrinkles and reverse those already formed.


    What Other Ingredients Are In Cellure Skin Care And Why?


    Cellure’s products are developed with only the finest of ingredients. We have included many natural ingredients in each product to help stimulate certain anti-aging functions. If you read the detailed descriptions of each products you will see the added ingredients and how they affect your skin.



    Who Can Use Cellure Skin Care?

    All mankind (and womankind) of any age and skin type. Our system was developed with a normal PH balance so as to not overreact on any skin, allowing even the most sensitive skin benefit from the line.



    5-Step Skincare Regimen


    The brand will feature a 5-step regimen and will feature 6 products ( Cleanser, Toner, Serum, Eye Treatment and 2 types of cream : 1 day cream and 1 night cream )




    Where To Purchase ?


    Check out their flagship store :

    422 W Broadway
    New York, NY 10012

    Retail Hours:


    More details of the brand can be found : here


    The company has another brand that was launched in South Korea called Dr Jucre in which i will talk about it in another article!#


    So have you heard about this brand ? Looking for a stem-cell alternative to LG’s O HUI The First Cell Revolution ? Wait for our review on the products coming very soon! Share your thoughts about your impression of this brand below!

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