Introducing Brands : Alonism


Alonism, is a new Korean brand, which Sasa has just recently started selling their products. Like it’s name – Alonism – it is a brand which focuses on Aloe Vera as its main ingredient.



All of Alonism product uses special Drug Delivery System where active ingredients are turned into Nanocrystalsome and are released at the deep layers of skin through microcapsules, instantly repairing cells and enhance skin absorption.



All of the products in the Aloe line consists of :


1. Aloe Vera – hydrates, stimulates blood circulation, aids in healing, and gives anti-inflammatory and repairing effects

2. Licorice Root Extract – whitening, anti-inflammatory and ant allergic effects.

3. Centella Asiatica Extract – anti aging, anti oxidant, reduces inflammation and aids in healing.

4. Phellinus Linteus Extract –  a mushroom extract that stimulates immunostimulating activity.


The ingredient lists of the products are rather impressive. All the active ingredients such as Arbutin, Betain, Centella Asiatica Extracts, Aloe Juice are all at the top of the ingredient list and the most concentrated. For the ingredient list , refer to our Ingredient List page : here


Here is the routine for both day and night :


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  1. I’ve always wondered…if you don’t use the products in the steps shown…do they work less? Since I’ve been using Korean productsJapanese for the past 3 years…I rarely buy everything in a particular line of skincare or using them in order.

  2. you can pick and choose the products according to your needs i guess! don’t have to buy everything. for me, using them in order do create a synergy when used together especially when using herbal lines

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