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Remember my review on the Ciracle Blackhead Off Sheet Review ? I briefly introduced a similar product but comes with a whole treatment package : a black head remover mask, a calming mask, and a pore serum! Today i would like to introduce to you a new Korean brand called Skin Miso more in detail, which was recently launched on the Wishtrend website.



Skin Miso is a Korean cosmetic brand that focuses on pore problems and exfoliation ( eliminating dead skin cells ) as it believes that the secret to having flawless skin and the basics of skincare are dead skin cells management. By collaborating with 5 skincare experts – dermatologists, aesthetic professionals, pharmacists, doctors of traditional oriental medicine and cosmetic developers – the brand Skin Miso was born.



Do you know that the accumulation of dead skin cells causes pores to appear larger on our skin ? Pores are tiny holes on the skin surface where sebum and hair comes out. It increases in size and number when excessively produced sebum is mixed with dead skin cells around the pore-entrances. When the pores on the skin become clogged with dirt,oil,accumulated dead skin cells – they appear larger than usual. Unless the dead skin cells and oil deposits are removed, they tend to stay put inside the skin pores and restrains the flow of oil – resulting in greasy and rough facial skin.



With the three simple steps of SkinMiso Pore Beauty Nose Pack, SkinMiso aims to help you achieve porcelain skin fever by getting rid of the huge nose pores and making it look flawless!



Step 1 : Blackhead, Whitehead, and Sebum Removal






In Step 1, using natural plant extracts, the nose mask helps remove the dirt from the nose such as sebum, whiteheads & blackheads.After washing nose with water, put 1STEP on nose around 10 minutes. Reduce timing if 1STEP is too strong for your skin. After getting rid of 1STEP, remove whiteheads and blackheads with SKINMISO COMEDO REMOVER (Optional), or cotton swabs.




Step 2 : Calming & Contracting




After going through Step 1, Step 2 focuses on calming the skin after the painful extraction, as well as helps contract the pores making it smaller with the help of witch hazel extract. It also helps moisturize the skin with it’s patented formula – Greenol formula – which is also used in L’EGERE’s Double White 02 Water Gem Cream. Greenol uses 6 natural oriental herb extracts which is effective against aging and helps hydrate the skin.




Step 3 : Pore Beauty Essence




The last step of the SkinMiso Pore Beauty Nose Pack is the SkinMiso Pore Beauty Silky Essence. Using it’s silky formula, the essence helps fills in the ‘holes’ of the pores, making the pores less obvious by evening the holes of the skin, while providing a smooth base for your makeup.



The best news is that this home-kit nose beauty program is only $21.99 which is the same price as other nose products out there which do not offer a calming mask and pore serum! With the SkinMiso Pore Beauty Nose Pack, you get a 10 sheet mask of Step1 and 10 sheet mas
k of Step2 as well and a 15ml nose essence!




Also an optional product that is able for purchase is the SkinMiso Comedo, Whitehead & Blackhead Remover. It allows you to remove your imperfections safely and in the comfort of your own home at a low cost. It also comes in a luxurious case which protects it from the dirty environment. The Comedo  Remover is also beautifully carved with an elegant pattern which makes it a great gift. Most important of all, it is a ring remover type, which removes impurities with ease and effectively!


[SKINMISO] Comedo remover



Last but not least, enjoy this small video clip from SkinMiso which was featured in a famous Korean beauty show recently :

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  1. no, sorry! only exclusively on , but shipping is free if u buy above $60 anyway!

  2. no, sorry! only exclusively on , but shipping is free if u buy above $60 anyway!

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