Innisfree releases new products for the summer


More new Innisfree products for the summer :



1. Innisfree Baby Eco Recipe Baby Sun Cream

이니스프리 에코레시피 베이비 선크림



This is a sunscreen that is made for those with extra sensitive skin ( babies, kids, sensitive adults ). Contains 99.9% of natural ingredients and is free of 7 harsh chemicals for the skin.




2. Innisfree Eco Safety Cooling Sun Spray SPF50+

니스프리 에코 세이프티 쿨링 선 스프레이




This sun spray comes in a mist-like texture. It is waterproof, free from 5 harsh chemicals, and provides very high protection! It also refreshes the skin by giving an ice cooling feeling to the skin. Perfect for those who are lazy to reapply their sun cream after a few hours. All you need to do is spray the mist, pat, and it’s all done!






3. Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Primer

이니스프리 노세범 미네랄 프라이머




Free from 6 harsh chemicals and contains jeju natural mineral and natural mint. This mineral primer helps control oil secretion without blocking pores.



4. Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder

이니스프리 노세범 미네랄 파우더





This is a mineral powder that also has the same features as the primer except that it contains pearl powder that helps brighten the skin tone!




5. Innisfree Color Change Tint Balm






Free from 3 harsh chemicals, and contains 5 different colours and fruit extracts ( Mango, blueberry, strawberry, jeju tangerine and grapes ).




Here is the shade for the 5 different lip balms ( according to order 1-5 ) :



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  1. I think it’s love at first sight with this lovely tint balms, 1 and 4 especially. Would you say this is worth having? I’ve looked into ebay but could only find one seller?!! and they’re selling it as a set for $26 for 3 tint balms. So I am not sure. What would you suggest? Thanks!!!

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