Hyosiah expands brand with black bean line





Amore Pacific’s bean fermentation line, Hyosiah, will be expanding their brand once more with a new line called the Hyosiah Black Bean line.




The firming and anti-aging line contains of course the patented BeanCure, which is a fermentation product of mung beans, beans, grains etc. It also contains Black Soybeans, which have recently found to be effective in fighting obesity, lowering cholesterol, and reduces the risk of diabetes.




Black soybean contain various types of Vitamin among which the contents of Vitamin E & B are the highest. Its content of Vitamin E, a very important element in retaining your skin’s youth is five to seven times higher than in meat. Not only that – it helps improve eyesight, darkens hair and keeps the skin white and bright. These  soybeans are then fermented to form the patented ‘rinyubin’ which aids in the removal of toxins, providing the skin with antioxidants and keeps them from the harmful and polluted external environment. ( Do you know that black beans are actually just fermented soybeans? ) . The black beans contain a high amount of Phytic Acid, which is a skin lightener by blocking the entrance of iron and copper in the formation of melanin. Read about the benefits of Phytic Acid : here



The line consists of two products :


1. Hyosiah Black Bean Cream 효시아 블랙 리뉴빈 크림


2. Hyosiah Black Bean Serum 효시아 블랙 리뉴빈 에센스


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  1. Hi ! Do you have the link on Gmarkat for HYOSIAH regular size productS ? I tried out the Hyosiah new line peeling gel and love it too much but I can not find the link anymore , does they still sell at Gmarket ? Thank you in advance .

  2. Hi ngu,

    just copy and paste the korean characters on this article and paste it on gmarket. usually there are lots of sellers offering this brand. haven’t come around using it, but i tried a sample and it was really good too!

  3. Thank you , I’ll try it . By the way , my name is NHU , when you write nGu it’s means “stupid” in vietnamese !

  4. whooops! sorry – i called you ngu because your email started with that so i thought that was your name! apologies!

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