Holika Holika releases skin tone correction cream


Holika Holika has released two new creams fur the summer which are primarily used for skin tone correction called the Holika Holika Real Skin Finish.

Packed with an SPF of 25, the Holika Holika Real Skin Finish is a skin tone correction cream for those lazy girls who have already nothing much to cover, but want to add that radiant glow to their skin. It is also suitable for those who wants something light and convenient to use for the summer, since BB Cream might be too heavy or too inconvenient for summer. The cream expresses your skin’s radiance and brightens it up. It also hydrates the skin. It is similar to the Chosungah Raw Dayshu Radiance Cream, so if you don’t have the budget – you can give this a try! 

The cream is available in two types : one for combination/oily skin and one for dry/normal skin.


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