Holika Holika releases ‘3-second rule’ products!



As Autumn arrives, brands are rushing to push in products to combat dryness and help recover the skin from the hot summer sun. Holika Holika will be pushing out their autumn product called the Holika Holika 3 seconds Starter 3초 보습 콜라겐 스타터.



Why 3 seconds? Because it’s all about the ‘3 second rule’ which most of us do not know about, but this rule is a major one in Korean skincare. ( Sulwhasoo also advices users to apply the first care serum 3 seconds after cleansing ) You literally have 3 seconds to moisturize your skin IMMEDIATELY after cleansing.



As explained by Makeuptalk :


While you’re washing your face, your pores open up. After 3 seconds, the moisture level drops only a few percent. But after 30 seconds, it’s 50%. And after a minute, it’s down to 41%. If you don’t get your moisturizer on within the 3 seconds, your skin dries up and the aging process kicks in.





There will be 2 products in the line :


1. Holika Holika 3 Seconds Starter Collagen



Contains collagen, trehalose to prevent water evaporation and improve the skin’s elasticity and resilience.




2. Holika Holika 3 Seconds Starter Hyaluronic Acid



Provides deep hydration.

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  1. Hannule does have a primer essence sold on home shopping channel. The primer essence feels invisible when you apply it after washing and generally, there is little difference in putting it on and not putting it on, as I feel. It can replace the toner for obvious reasons, since the toner is largely not as concentrated as a primer essence or even essence for that matter of fact. I have had a sample of this before (the 3-seconds starter) and find it actually too light and not much different from a toner in consistency.

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