Holika Holika prepares summer products



It’s been a while since Hope In A Blog has updated about Holika Holika products, so here’s all at one go!


Introducing :


1) Holika Holika Vita UP! Facial Water 비타업 페이셜워터



The facial mist hydrates dry skin and delivers nutrients and vitamins into the skin. 12 kinds of vitamins and minerals from plant extracts and Japan’s Hita Tenryosui water, which is one of the world’s four miracle water ( not sure if the water was extracted before or after the nuclear disaster in Japan) which immediately moisturisez and energizes the tired skin.


Available in three versions – Vita Green, Vita VIolet and Vita Orange


2) Holika Holika 홀리카홀리카 UV Line



Holika Holika prepares summer products

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