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Holika Holika will be releasing a Prague-based skincare line called the Holika Holika Praha Blossom line 홀리카홀리카 프라하 블라썸 . If you don’t know Praha = Prague, one of my favourite cities in Europe. The line was inspired by the flowers that can be found in the markets of Prague.


The line uses hot spring water, elaeagnus pungens extract ( silverthorn ), jasmine extracts, liquorice extracts, aloe vera juice, and tons of other flower extracts. It also contains sake filtrate. The line is a moisturizing line using the help of plant and flower extracts to provide moisture to your skin.


Head over here to look at the ingredient list for the new products : here


The line features 4 products : an emulsion, toner, serum and cream.

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  1. Is there an ingredient list for this? I want to know if I should get this or étude house flower moistful cream lol

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