Holika Holika + LG Store on Sale!



LG’s official Gmarket Store which sells Sooryehan, CathyCat, Isa Knox, etc is having a 15% sales at the moment, and don’t forget you can add that 20% LG coupon that you can find on my post ‘Gmarket Tutorial 5 : Where to Win Gmarket Coupons’


Other than that, Holika Holika is also on sale, their sale period only lasts for 1-2 days, so i would advice you to purchase ASAP ( don’t forget that you have an additional 10% coupon too at the same place where the 20% LG coupon is available! ) : here

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  1. Too bad I did my shopping for LG stuff in Korea already in September, and will do some more if needed during this December.

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