Holika Holika introduces Syn-ake line


Following the Korean trend of each cosmetic brand needing to have at least a Bee Venom line, a Syn-ake line and a Snail line – Holika Holika finally released their Snake Venom line ( SYN-AKE ) after the Snail line. Called the Holika Holika Wrinkle Focus SYN-AKE line, the line will feature 2 products and will be expanded ( of course! ) later on.


The line uses anti-aging ingredients such as SYN-AKE, EGF, Adenosine, Q-10.


The two products that make up the line now are :

1/ Holika Holika Wrinkle Focus SYN-AKE Spot Effector

A wrinkle filler.

2/ Holika Holika Wrinkle Focus SYN-AKE Cream



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