Gently exfoliate your skin with Holika Holika Smoothie Peeling line




Holika Holika will be releasing a new line to exfoliate your skin without irritating it by using natural gentle ingredients called the Holika Holika Smoothie Peeling line .


The Holika Holika Smoothie Peeling line will consist of 4 products :



1. Holika Holika Smoothie Peeling Cream

스무디 키위 필링 크림


Uses gold kiwi and Apricot which removes the skin’s old keratin. It can be also be used as a mask. Gold Kiwi is known for it’s high vitamin C content which helps brighten your skin tone.



2. Holika Holika Smoothie Peeling Jam

스무디 그레이프 필링 잼


Uses nutrient-rich grape and grape seed extracts which are rich in Vitamin A,C,D & E. Drains the skin’s toxins and hydrates it while gently removing dead skin cells without aggravating sensitive skin.





3. Holika Holika Smoothie Peeling Gel

스무디 베리 애플 필링 젤


This peeling gel features the world’s Top 10 Super Fruits that are rich in nutrients and vitamins such as Raspberries, Blueberries and Apple Juice.



4. Holika Holika Smoothie Peeling Mist

스무디 레몬 필링 미스트



Contains the vitamin-C rich lemon which stimulates collagen synthesis as well as skin brightening effects.


Holika Holika products can be found here, with 8% discount using the code ‘hopein8’ (only for August) , and free pickup for those of you in the Greater Toronto Area!


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