The History Of Whoo expands & upgrade Seol line




LG’s The History Of Whoo have expanded the line with the addition of 2 new products from their famous Seol Whitening line!




1. The History Of Whoo Whitening & Moisture Cream 공진향 설 미백 수분고 세트


The new whitening cream which will replace the existing one. It hydrates the skin deeply, creates a protective barrier while whitening it. The whitening cream contains a new patented Seolgamsan, as well as other patented herbal ingredients. The star ingredient here is Diosmetin – an extract from Chrysanthemum. To be able to extract 0.0001kg of the ingredients, 1kg of Chrusanthemum are used. The whitening cream has been upgraded many, many times. The first time i used it, it gave a powdery finish. Whoo then upgraded it last year and gave it a gel-like texture. Many complained that it wasn’t hydrating enough – therefore Whoo upgraded it again this year to give it a balmy and richer texture to moisturize the skin. Here is a sneak preview of the texture :


image image



2. The History Of Whoo Brightening Gel 공진향 설 청안젤



This is the peeling gel from the History Of Whoo. It was originally sold together with the Whitening Program Kit, but now it can be purchased separately!

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