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I bought the sample when it first came out a few months ago, without really knowing what it was as back then, as there was no English information available anywhere on the internet on it.



I bought it because I love all things WHOO, samples are cheap to try, and I wanted to all the WHOO & SULWHASSO Make up samples I can get my hands on before buying the full sizes.






COLOR — I love the color (#2 is the only color/sample sold by favourite GMarket vendor “BeautyMania1” ) It is a PERFECT match for anyone with  MAC NC25 skin tone with warm/yellow, not cool/pink undertones.


For reference —  I have tried Sulwhasoo Foundation samples – #21 is too light/pink, and #23 is a little too dark.  WHOO MI #2 is perfect match for my skin tone. Note: Sulwhasoo Snowise BB Color #1 is too light for me.  I have not tried Sulwhasoo Snowise BB Color #2 so cannot comment on that.  So far, no luck in matching Sulwhasoo makeup to my warm skin tone.


Because of the WHOO CREAM Pact Sample, I did splurge out and bought WHOO’s full size Luxury BASE and WHOO Cream Foundation #2, that I love, love, love!!!!



COVERAGE — It gives my face a luminous glow like the WHOO Luxury BB – HOWEVER, the difference between the WHOO Luxury BB and the CREAM PACT is that the latter actually provides COVERAGE and can cover my pigmentation!!!



FEEL/GREASINESS – Not greasy at all.  Great for my combo T-zone skin!

So I have enjoyed this for a while not but not being sure what it is – whether it is makeup or sunscreen, or BB cream.    If you are Korean, or you can read Korean, and can confirm if this is makeup, or BB or ?? That would be a bonus.




WHAT I THINK Is USEFUL for other Readers


First, the ingredient list I found today …


Second, if they are like me, and have spent too much money buying/trying full size BB creams that are expensive, feels great, wears great, BUT is the wrong color – then the WHOO CREAM PACT is a great color corrector.


I use as it as the penultimate step in my routine  on days I decide to wear my BB creams instead of foundation – usually mixture of Alexander Kimsco Gold BB & Sulwhasoo Snowise Whitening BB (Former is too grey, latter is too white but great SPF, both are expensive but feel good on the skin — so I am determined to use them up before buying more BB creams).  Anyway, I thought this tip might be helpful to your readers as the WHOO CREAM PACT is great for those with warm/yellow skin tone.



Best Regards,





From Hope In A Blog :


First off, i’ve used this too and this is extremely suitable for the yellow asian skin tone. The History Of Whoo 후 Cream Pact 미 크림 팩트 has a rather unique packaging which i have not seen. I’ve seen this packaging being used with creams, but never foundations or BB Creams. It is a little similar to the M2 Cream.


This can be an alternative for your BB Creams or Foundations. It is more similar to a foundation, very liquid, light, and provides good coverage. Compared to the conventional pact which is always in a powder form, this Cream Pact comes in a liquid form so that it spreads easily and isn’t as drying as a powder pact.


It contains royal gem elements that make your skin radiant and also medicinal herbs that helps improve circulation and helps in anti-aging.


The ingredient list that is listed on the Dailymed is incomplete for all the OHUI, Sulwhasoo, History Of Whoo items except for a few exceptions. Dailymed doesn’t list out all the Chinese herbs that are used, and other lesser-known extracts. So keep that in mind whenever you are looking for an ingredient list for any Sulwhasoo, Whoo, OHUI items.


Here is an idea of what the packaging and cream looks like :

Credits : pig9333


image < p> 





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  1. Thanks for the detailed review, this cream pact is a true gem isnt it? I’ve given up on bb cream long time ago since it neither has gray undertonestreaks or turn into an orangy color by midday. Not to mention the package is gorgeous.

  2. ah i didnt purchase this, a seller gave me a few packets of this. but you can find it easily with the korean name !

  3. sorry, had a few packets from the seller, not the full size! but with the korean name, you should be able to purchase it on gmarket!

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