HUGE History of Whoo Gongjinhyang promotion from
 is having a super promotion, you’ll never get a good deal like this anywhere so as we say it in french ‘profitez-vous’ !



The 1st Offer :

Buy the Gongjinhyang Lotion + Balancer = Get the Eye Cream OR Essence FREEEE!!!!


The 2nd Offer :

Buy the Gongjinhyang Eye Cream = Get the Essence FREEEE!!!


Buy the Gongjinhyang Essence = Get the Eye Cream FREEEE!!!




And don’t forget – you get 10% with the code ‘HOPE’ – when you purchase anything from
















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  1. haha but it’s a freeee essence / eye cream which cost about 110,000 wons! and no matter how cheap they are on Gmarket, you can’t save up 100,000 wons! hehe

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