History Of Whoo’s renewed gongjinhyang line luxurious samples now available!


Before we reported that the samples off the new renewed line of Whoo was out in the packets form, now the ones in the luxurious packaging form is on sale on Gmarket.

So far, only one seller has it, and to differentiate the old and new products, the new one has a different cap to it.

The set of the essence, lotion, balancer, eye cream and face cream costs 8,000 Korean wons. I have a feeling that the essence included there might be the old one since the packaging is similar to the old one.

Of course, it is first come first serve, and i’m sure the samples are gonna be snapped up in no time, so hurry up and go here!


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0 thoughts on “History Of Whoo’s renewed gongjinhyang line luxurious samples now available!”

  1. The set I ordered from the seller u’d recommended just arrived an hour ago. I’d orderd the cream, eye cream, balancer and emulsion seperately (to increase credit counts), the seller gave me in a box without the essence. The box is a gift set with a small manual. Think I may order a few sets as gifts^^ BTW the seller gave freebie samples in a little sack, very nice touch.

  2. Yes. I highly recommend this seller. They are the fastest, the cheapest, and they even give gifts. I even received a few cosmetics pouch from them and even a huge plastic cabinet to store your stuff. Highly recommended. I will write a review soon on the difference btwn the old and new line.

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