History Of Whoo’s newly renewed gongjinhyang line samples out on gmarket


Hi Beauties,

Sorry for the lack of updates this week. Most of us are on vacation and will be back by next Monday! We will reply to all of your comments soon. So here’s a quick update : the newly revamped History Of Whoo’s Gongjinghyang line samples are already out on Gmarket. They are snapped up extremely quick so act quick!

Click on the photos below to be directed to the site.




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0 responses to “History Of Whoo’s newly renewed gongjinhyang line samples out on gmarket”

  1. Thanks for the info, didn’t know this till I saw this post^^;

    거기야 is selling it cheaper at 30 sachets (Cream is 28 sachets) for 5k won. They also have the new night cream @ 27 sachets for 5k won^^ I don’t think their balancer and lotion is new as there’s no indication.
    0701 – new eye cream
    0703 – new essence
    0706 – new night cream
    0707 – new cream

    미인매니아 01 has the whole set samples, but at a higher price.

    Hope this helps^^

  2. Welcome, but I think I made some mistakes.

    거기야 is the same seller you had posted, but the price is different. The one you had posted is 2400 for 10, the one I posted is 5000 for 30. Also the seller has the new lotion and balancer too.
    0713 balancer
    0715 lotion

    I think I need more coffee >.< Sorry for any confusion^^;

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