History Of Whoo Upgrades Soo Yeon line

History Of Whoo has been renewing and upgrading a lot of products this year starting with the Gongjinhyang Basic Line earlier this year, followed by the Whitening Seol Line, and now the Soo Yeon Hydrating Line.

Both the cream and essence will see an upgrade from it’s previous versions and will be release soon.

More details as they surface Smile 

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  1. The cream looks kind of thicker than its original version from the pics, so maybe this will work out better for skins in their 30′s compared to the earlier version I think.

  2. It’s about 60% of snail resin/secretion, so I think that it is relatively concentrated like the other brands’ (Missha, Tony Moly, It’s skin, Skin 79 etc.) versions too. The tester I tried out on hands last time in Seoul was rather thick and like any serum but it does absorb quite quickly.

  3. i think tony moly has about 70, elisha coy has about 90% or 80%. the tony moly snail cream is kind of greasy. my fav is the it’s skin one!

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