UPDATED! : History Of Whoo upgrades Soo Yeon line




Let me say that i am loooving the new pink packaging of the 2012 upgraded History Of Whoo Soo Yeon line.


The History Of Whoo Soo Yeon 수연 진 line is a moisturizing line , much like the Sulwhasoo Hydro-aid and the Sooreyehan Bicheak Soomil line – and has been upgraded almost every single year. The upgraded products will include the mist, essence and the cream. It seems that the pink is more evident in the new packaging and not to mention the pink coloured cream. The line works to rejuvenate skin cells and promotes moisture retention.


Anyone who has tried this line and loved it? Share your experience with others below! Smile 


The pricing :



The newly upgraded line will have two creams : the newly upgraded cream History Of Whoo Soo Yeon Cream 수연 크림 will have a pink gel texture ( normal combination or dehydrated skin ) , while the new History Of Whoo Soo Yeon Rich Cream 수연 진크림 will have a white creamy texture ( for drier or severely dehydrated skin ) .


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  1. To be honest, the Soo Yeon line does very little for my normal to combination skin. The texture was too watery or jelly as a whole, and I think that unless you have very oily skin, drier skins might not find it hydrating enough. I used the Soo yeon cream (the older version) some time back in fall, and had to actually supplement it with something else like a serum. Still, my skin tended to get parched in Northeast Asian weather.

  2. the new version will be creamier! i guess that this line should cater for those who have oily skin but wants to try history of whoo stuff since everything else will be too much for them!

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