UPDATED! History Of Whoo releases new products!!


Hope In A Blog’s favourite brand, The History Of Whoo has released a few new products that are now on sale in Korea, and it will be soon available on Gmarkt! Smile 




1. History Of Whoo Soo Yeon Mist

수연 미스트




From the History Of Whoo hydrating line : Gongjinhyang Soo. Supplies oxygen to the skin together with with other oriental medicine herbs to provide deep hydration. Contains 银河 水 and platinum that hydrates the skin deeply.





2. History Of Whoo Jinyul Cleansing Oil






The cleansing oil works to remove impurities and keep the skin moisturized for a long time, even after cleansing. The active natural herbal ingredients restore natural moisture levels, working to eliminate dry skin while refining skin texture and helping to promote a bright, clear complexion. The entire Jinyul line of products contains an enchanted formula of beneficial Asian herbs that work together to restore a natural glow while having a tightening effect. After using the Jinyul products skin will look more naturally vibrant and have a brighter complexion will be restored. Contains red ginseng, jujube, pomegranate – and a bunch of Red oriental herbs and flowers.





3. History Of Whoo

더 히스토리 오브 후 궁중 비비 환 파우더





This will be History Of Whoo’s powder BB which contains micro-pearl powders which gives you the luxurious shine of a Empress. Gives you a glossy and natural finish. Can be used as a highlighter, blusher, finish powder. Retails at 70,000 wons for 20g.




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  1. woah the new powder looks gorgeous haha waiting for it
    also interested in the mist,since Sooryehan’s mist is just awsome

  2. hmn it’s light,fresh and cool.i’m not sure about the hydrating effect,but yes my skin looks a little bit lighter.however because i don’t like this line’s smell so i’m not keen on this mist’s smell also.but in this period they would give you a little bottle of 30ml as a promotion.

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